Some New Takes on Fall Festivities

With the fall weather approaching, as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I would suggest a few new ways to enhance these upcoming holidays. I’ve grouped my recommendations into three key categories to focus on.

Re-purpose: Use Ordinary Objects in Unexpected Ways

These are some basic household items that we all have. By changing how we use them, it spruces things up and is guaranteed to elicit comments from your guests. Simply put your pumpkins in your outdoor urns for an easy fall display. It seems basic enough, but makes a statement without the need for other greenery. Take a pumpkin, fill with ice and use it as drink dispenser for your Halloween party. Photos from

Fall Pumpkin Urn

Fall Pumpkin Urn & Pumpkin Bowl

Pumpkin Bowl

A really unique idea is to take that old globe that is sitting collecting dust on your shelf and turn into into a distinctive fall centerpiece. Separate the globe’s hemispheres and fill with colourful leaves, goards, pinecones and small berries.

Repurposed Globe

Repurposed Globe-

Unique Table Ideas:

For a rustic take on Thanksgiving, the first couldn’t be any easier. An old slab of wood makes for a beautiful center stage! Just add candles, fruit and seasonal decor to it.  The idea on the right uses different green vegetables as candle centerpieces. To make, stretch two rubber bands around white pillar candles and tuck asparagus and green beans into them. Do not let them burn down to the rubber band. For the asparagus candle, take off the top and a bit of the inside of the asparagus, and place the candle in the middle. Photos via ivillage and

Old Wood Centerpiece

Old Wood Centerpiece

Vegetable Candles

Vegetable Candles


Or simply put… reign it in! Especially when it comes to Halloween decor. You may want to try these tasteful takes on trick or treat decorating 🙂 They make a statement using black, white and orange; without going over the top.

Simple Halloween decor

Simple Halloween decor- House and

Black&Orange Stairwell

Black&Orange Stairwell- House and

Happy Thanksgiving and Halloween to all!

Best Updates for your Home this Summer

After hibernating all winter and enduring a prolonged wet spring, summer invites us to open the windows, let the warm weather in and take the time to make some upgrades to our homes. Whether you plan on selling your home in the near future or are there for the long haul, these are some of my favourite summer decorating ideas that will make your home comfortable and attractive.

Create an Outdoor Entertaining Space:

Whether you are the ‘host with the most’ or just want people to think you are, there’s no better improvement you can make to your home in terms of adding living space than creating an outdoor entertaining area.  A comfortable seating arrangement, an outdoor rug and close access to the kitchen are the basics for tying together an ideal outdoor space.

Try using outdoor-friendly materials like wicker, aluminum and vinyl that will give you the best bang for your buck as well.

Up your Curb Appeal with New Exterior Paint & Plantings:
The winter months are tough on your home, including the exterior paint, which seems to chip away every snowy season. The summer is a great opportunity to try a new colour on your shutters, the front door and garage.
This is where adding in some new plantings (see previous post) can provide a vibrant burst of colour all summer long. The addition of a garden at the front of your house is the easiest way to amp up your curb appeal.




Change up your Linens:
Time to pack away the warm duvet and treat your bed to a thin coverlet or lightweight bed sheets for the summer. This is where you can showcase lighter and brighter patterns & colours. You can swap again in the fall with darker, cozier sets. New, crisp-looking bedding will make any bedroom look instantly better and does not have to be a big investment.

Photo by SET For Design

Cheap Art Fixes:
Secondhand stores and flea markets are often packed with artwork. While the art may not be up your alley, if the frames catch your eye, you have the makings of a unique art display. Better Homes and had a great idea- simply discard the art and paint the frames fun colours that match your decor. Arrange it on a blank wall. This is also perfect for staging your home, if you do not want to spend a lot on artwork you may not want to take to your new place.

Put a little zing in your powder room with wall decals. Easy to apply & take off, these affordable touches of pattern give a bathroom just the right amount of shimmer to impress your summer guests 🙂