Some New Takes on Fall Festivities

With the fall weather approaching, as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I would suggest a few new ways to enhance these upcoming holidays. I’ve grouped my recommendations into three key categories to focus on.

Re-purpose: Use Ordinary Objects in Unexpected Ways

These are some basic household items that we all have. By changing how we use them, it spruces things up and is guaranteed to elicit comments from your guests. Simply put your pumpkins in your outdoor urns for an easy fall display. It seems basic enough, but makes a statement without the need for other greenery. Take a pumpkin, fill with ice and use it as drink dispenser for your Halloween party. Photos from

Fall Pumpkin Urn

Fall Pumpkin Urn & Pumpkin Bowl

Pumpkin Bowl

A really unique idea is to take that old globe that is sitting collecting dust on your shelf and turn into into a distinctive fall centerpiece. Separate the globe’s hemispheres and fill with colourful leaves, goards, pinecones and small berries.

Repurposed Globe

Repurposed Globe-

Unique Table Ideas:

For a rustic take on Thanksgiving, the first couldn’t be any easier. An old slab of wood makes for a beautiful center stage! Just add candles, fruit and seasonal decor to it.  The idea on the right uses different green vegetables as candle centerpieces. To make, stretch two rubber bands around white pillar candles and tuck asparagus and green beans into them. Do not let them burn down to the rubber band. For the asparagus candle, take off the top and a bit of the inside of the asparagus, and place the candle in the middle. Photos via ivillage and

Old Wood Centerpiece

Old Wood Centerpiece

Vegetable Candles

Vegetable Candles


Or simply put… reign it in! Especially when it comes to Halloween decor. You may want to try these tasteful takes on trick or treat decorating 🙂 They make a statement using black, white and orange; without going over the top.

Simple Halloween decor

Simple Halloween decor- House and

Black&Orange Stairwell

Black&Orange Stairwell- House and

Happy Thanksgiving and Halloween to all!