Design Trends for 2013

Just like the resolutions you make to improve your health and finances, why not make a few to update your living space with some new and on-trend design ideas? Who knows- maybe being surrounded with something new and inspired may help you to get to the gym or update that resume too? 🙂

Here are some interior decor trends for the coming year that you can incorporate into your home in big or little ways.

  • Colours: Green & Yellow  

The Pantone Colour for 2013 is Emerald Green.  

Pantone Colour of the Year

Pantone Colour of the Year

Painting your walls in Emerald may be a bit much for your taste, so how about incorporating it in other ways? It is fresh, bold and cheery; it makes a big statement so you can use it as little as in a few cushions or vases.

Trend spotter Lidewij Edelkoort also believes yellow will be the new ‘it’ colour. Yellows are a fantastic way to brighten up a room and make it more cheerful, either as a dominant colour or an accent, such as in this picture from Architectural Digest.

Published in Architectural Digest.

Published in Architectural Digest.

  • Pattern: Retro Stripes, Dainty Flowers and Brush Stroke Fabrics

Inspired by impressionist painters, here’s a fabric from Robert Allen I recently put on cushions which incorporates the latter two.

Fabric: Landsmeer in Citrine by Robert Allen

Fabric: Landsmeer in Citrine by Robert Allen

  • Touch: Knits

Touch is THE sense to focus on in 2013. Fabrics and finishes should all be touchable, with warmth and depth. One look that is already taken off in decor and will become even more noticeable next year is knits and handcrafted chunky items. Think large-scale knits and macrame… wish I had taken up knitting long ago 🙂

Winter blog- knits

  • Furniture: Shapely Forms

Furniture lines are slowly evolving from stark, straight lines to soft & curvy. There is a more feminine-feel to seating; don’t be afraid to incorporate these curves into your own rooms, mixing them in with more contemporary pieces.

Monaco Collection from Thomasville

Monaco Collection from Thomasville

  • Metal: Brass

Burnished brass is the metal-of-the-moment. It’s being used on everything from legs and handles on furniture, to lamps and trays. If you have an antique set of brass items you put into storage when brass was a dirty word, now would be the time to pull it out!

Here’s a favourite brass accessory of mine:

Starburst bowl from Crate & Barrel

Starburst bowl from Crate & Barrel

And on a coffee table in a room we helped accessorize…

Room accessorized by SET For Design

Room accessorized by SET For Design

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy holiday season and happy decorating in 2013!


All the Pretty Things… IDS 2012

For those of you who have never been, the Interior Design Show (IDS) happens at the end of every January.  Once again, I went to this year’s show and like always, it never fails to deliver the most stunning, unique (but certainly pricey) products to admire.

If you just go to one design show all year, this should be it! Located at the Toronto Convention Centre, which is close by to Union Station, it’s conveniently located to either drive or come by public transit. Beyond sourcing specific products, the show really gives you a feel of the trends, products and services that are the new ‘it’ items. You can tell just by how much of a certain thing is out there. I’ve included some pictures here of items I encountered repeatedly at the show.

Reclaimed Wood furniture: I love this piece… truly stunning mix of the old refinished wood, and the new chunky chrome legs. I didn’t even bother to ask the price on this one 🙂
Wood-look slate or other stone materials: This is an example of slate that looks like espresso-stained wide oak planks.

Slate that mimics the look of woodModular, space-saving furniture: Everything folds up and voila, you are left with shelves or other display areas. Check out the funky patterns on these space saving pieces.

Functional meets stylish- check out the new patterns on these pieces!

And modular pieces in carpets too… a functional item. You make it as big or little as you need.

Vertical Gardens and Water Features: Great for privacy. If you don’t have the room for traditional gardens, try looking up!

Au Natural- Even book cases are going ‘au natural’. By removing their cover sleeves, you are left with a clean, linen look.

And just some really interesting and pretty things…

Gorgeous tangerine rug

Cool transit posters made into art

Stunning kitchen

Art that catches your eye

I’m already looking forward to next year’s show!  Check it out if you can- worth the price of admission 🙂

Design Highlights for 2012

Happy New Year!  While there certainly is not a shortage of trend lists for the 2012- you can find them everywhere at this time of year… in magazines, TV shows and other blogs :),  I’ve compiled a short (and hopefully sweet!) list of my own favourite ideas and trends you can think to implement in the year ahead.

Black and White: Straight from the runways, it’s making a comeback! Try it as a checkered floor in the hall, as hexagonal tiles in a bath, or in fabrics for chairs or throw pillows.  Here’s an example of a chair I re-upholstered in a damask pattern.

Chair in a Black & White Damask fabric

Soft Watercoloured Wallpaper: The subtle prints add handmade charm to a hall,bedroom or bath; or works to offset edgier looks in furnishings, such as industrial pieces.  Think of a floral sundress worn with combat boots… definitely makes a statement!

Photo taken during Kravet's Designer day

Weathered Kitchens: a reclaimed wood finish balances shiny metals and sleek countertops such as quartz, granite or concrete.  And I love the chalkboard wall!

Photo: VT Wonen
Photo: VT Wonen
Camelback Sofas: The classic sofa style with a signature centre hump is clean and unencumbered by a fussy skirt. Keep the legs straight and sophisticated.

Photo: Gwen sofa by Windsor Smith Home

Bird Themes Everywhere!: In shower curtains, bedding, pillows, on runways and home decor.

Photo: Style at Home

Bedspread fabric: Vintage Plumes by Robert Allen

And if that’s just a tad too much of a good thing, how about a simple pillow?  This one is from Dwell Studio (fabric also available at Robert Allen) and comes in a variety of colours.  It looks fantastic on its own, as it makes quite the statement.

Dwell Studio pillow in Vintage Blossom

Happy Decorating in 2012!